L'artiste de MONIN

Make your drinks look as good as they taste!

Create your own expressions and add some flair to your coffee drinks and cocktails with L’artiste de Monin.

This unique gourmet sauce has the ability to stay on top of your skimmed milk or cocktail foam without sinking through, so that you can create your own art work and impress your friends and family. The bottle design has a narrow spout similar to a pen, which makes it easy and very precise to use. With the step-by-step videos below you will find some simple designs that will get you started in no time, after that only your own creativity will set the barriers.

Get inspired below!

Easy Step-by-step-videos coming your way.

Chocolate Cookie Cappuccino

• 10 ml MONIN Chocolate Cookie syrup
• Espresso
• Skimmed milk

Vanilla Flat White

• 10 ml MONIN Vanilla syrup
• Espresso
• Skimmed milk

Espresso Martini

• 20 ml Coffee Liqueur
• 20 ml Vodka
• 30 ml Espresso
• 10 ml Muscovado syrup

Iced Cold Brew Cappuccino

• 30 ml MONIN Cold Brew concentrate
• 15 ml MONIN Salted Caramel syrup
• 160 ml Water
• 100 ml Skimmed milk

Did you know?

L'Artiste Red Velvet is inspired by the American red velvet cake. This additional vibrant colour to the existing range will allow you to elaborate more sophisticated drinks with this sweet taste of cake.