Citric Blend 250 ml
Citric Blend 250 ml

Citric Blend 250 ml

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Unlock the potential of your beverages with Citric Blend, a powerful solution that infuses acidity into your drinks, allowing you to effortlessly create cordials and crystal-clear concoctions. Tailored for high-volume service and pre-batching cocktails, Citric Blend is your partner in cost reduction, time efficiency, and waste minimization.


Crafted from demineralized water, citric acid, malic acid, fructose, salt, and sodium benzoate (preservative), Citric Blend ensures a perfect balance for your concoctions.

How to Use:

Blend 1 part (50 ml) Citric Blend with 9 parts (450 ml) water. Adjust the water quantity for a more pronounced sourness according to your preference. Once diluted, your Citric Blend bottle can be stored for months without refrigeration.

Optimized Convenience:

We've minimized water content to keep our packages compact, saving your storage space. Every order includes branded stickers for easy bottle labeling. Due to its acidity, we recommend using synthetic corks or screw caps.

Stability Assurance:

Unlike fresh juice, Citric Blend delivers consistent acidity. Our added preservative ensures an extended shelf life for your pre-batched cocktails.

Crystal-Clear Mastery:

Discover the magic of creating crystal-clear drinks with Citric Blend – a game-changer for your mixology adventures. How cool is that!

Attention: Dilution Essential - 1+9 Ratio Required