Paragon Vetiver 48,5 cl
Paragon Vetiver 48,5 cl

Paragon Vetiver 48,5 cl

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Discover the depth of Vetiver in your cocktails


Introducing Paragon Vetiver from Monin's Mystic Collection. This unique cordial captures the ancient strength of vetiver grass, known as khamaré, sourced from Southern Africa and Southeast Asia. Perfect for adding rich, earthy flavours to your cocktails.


Unearth the roots of Vetiver


Vetiver, with its deep roots symbolising endurance and resilience, has been valued for centuries in its native regions. Paragon Vetiver delivers an earthy, woody essence with hints of pine, creating a foundation for innovative and profound drink experiences.


Key features


  • Source: Harvested from the fertile landscapes of Southern Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • Aromatic profile: A complex blend of earthiness, woodiness, and pine, with subtle layers of berries, spices, and liquorice.
  • Cultural significance: Symbol of power and stability throughout history.
  • Innovative extraction: Crafted using supercritical CO2 and traditional distillation to capture vetiver's full aromatic essence.
  • Mixology versatility: Provides a robust, earthy base for creating cocktails with depth and character.


Product details


  • Origin: Java
  • Extraction Methods: Steam distillation and supercritical CO2
  • Composition: Brix 55°, pH 1.8
  • Sensory Notes: Earth, pine, spice
  • Distillation Process: Infusion for camphor notes, CO2 extraction for menthol notes


Explore the grounding power of Paragon Vetiver in your cocktail creations. Elevate your mixology with this rich, earthy essence, bridging ancient traditions and modern innovation in every sip.