Paragon Labdanum 48,5 cl
Paragon Labdanum 48,5 cl

Paragon Labdanum 48,5 cl

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A subtle touch of ancient mystique


Discover the timeless elegance of Labdanum


Introducing Paragon Labdanum from Monin's new Mystic Collection. This unique cordial combines the rich history and distinctive flavour of the Cistus Ladaniferus shrub from Southern Spain. Perfect for adding depth and a hint of mystique to your cocktails.


Crafted from tradition


Labdanum's rich, musky essence, with hints of sweetness and notes reminiscent of leather and amber, has been prized since ancient times. Today, Paragon Labdanum bridges the past and present, enriching cocktails with its complex flavours.


Key features


  • Source: Extracted from the arid landscapes of Southern Spain.
  • Aromatic profile: A sophisticated blend of musk, sweetness, and amber-like depth.
  • Heritage & craft: Celebrated for its ancient significance, extracted using both traditional and modern techniques for unmatched purity.
  • Mixology potential: Ideal for creating unique, intriguing cocktails.


Product details


  • Origin: Spain
  • Extraction methods: Solvent extraction and steam distillation
  • Composition: Brix 55°, pH 1.8
  • Sensory notes: Amber, resin, leather
  • Distillation process: Solvent extraction for camphor notes, steam distillation for amber notes


Elevate your cocktail creations with the ancient and elegant flavour of Paragon Labdanum. Explore new mixology possibilities and create drinks that are both timeless and unforgettable.