Sangria for 17 mai

17 mai is getting closer! Here at Barkonsult, we’re all set to celebrate the day with some fun and easy sangria recipes. Whether you fancy a splash of rosé, a crisp white wine, or something a bit more adventurous with rum or tequila, we've got just the mix to liven up your day.

It’s the perfect time to enjoy the company of friends and family, and what better way to do it than with a refreshing glass in hand? We hope our sangria recipes help make your celebration even more special.

So, grab your pitcher, gather your loved ones, and let’s cheers to and good times. Happy 17th of May to everyone!

Rosé Sangria

75cl rosé wine
10cl Monin lemon concentrate
10cl Monin strawberry syrup
40cl Three Cents Pink Grapefruit soda
Ice, lemon, berries

White wine Sangria

75cl white wine
10cl Monin lemon concentrate
10cl Monin passionfruit syrup
40cl Three Cents Sparkling Lemonade
Ice, lemon, lemon balm, tropical fruit

Rhum Sangria

70cl rhum
70cl Monin lemon concentrate
30cl Monin yuzu purée
30cl Monin pineapple purée
10fl Three Cents Pineapple
Ice, lime, mint, pineapple

Tequila Sangria

70cl tequila
70cl Monin lemon concentrate
30cl Monin mango purée
30cl Monin tangerine purée
10cl Three Cents Mandarine & Bergamot soda
Ice, lime, orange