Monin Ruby Grapefruit Purée 100 cl
Monin Ruby Grapefruit Purée 100 cl

Monin Ruby Grapefruit Purée 100 cl

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Refreshing ruby rendezvous


Experience the zestful embrace of Le Fruit de MONIN Ruby Grapefruit. A blend of sweet and tangy notes, this syrup encapsulates the vibrant flavours of a fruit that has journeyed from Caribbean groves to global fame.


Zesty charm in every pour:


  • Vibrant fusion: Savour the unique hybrid flavors of grapefruit and orange that come together in the rose pomelo family delight.
  • A citrus staple: Embrace a fruit that has charmed palates from the USA to Europe, now captured in a syrup for your culinary adventures.
  • Tartly sweet: Perfect for adding a juicy twist to beverages, Le Fruit de MONIN Ruby Grapefruit offers a balanced profile of sweetness with a hint of sour.
  • Versatile mixology: Refresh iced teas, invigorate Paloma cocktails, or revolutionize Mojitos with this dynamic syrup.
  • Inspiration in a bottle: Unleash a world of flavour possibilities in cooking, baking, and beverage creation with the essence of ruby grapefruit.


Cultivate creativity


Whether you're crafting a non-alcoholic spritzer or spicing up a spirited mix, this syrup is your secret to a refreshing, tangy kick.


A twist on the traditional


Le Fruit de MONIN Ruby Grapefruit is not just a flavour—it's an invitation to explore and enhance your favourite recipes with a citrusy spark.