Monin Rhubarb Purée 100 cl
Monin Rhubarb Purée 100 cl

Monin Rhubarb Purée 100 cl

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A taste of the English countryside


Le Fruit de MONIN Rhubarb syrup captures the essence of rhubarb with its sharp, tart flavour and visually striking pink hue. It's like a nostalgic trip to the countryside with every sip, offering a sweet authenticity to any beverage it graces.


Zesty and versatile:


  • Bold rhubarb flavour: Enjoy the distinctively tart fruitiness that rhubarb is loved for, bringing a zing to your drinks.
  • Mix and match: Effortlessly pairs with flavours like strawberry and ginger. Mix it into flavoured wines, mocktails, or milkshakes for a delightful twist.
  • Culinary favourite: While rhubarb is traditionally celebrated in culinary delights, its unique taste is also perfect for enhancing smoothies, cocktails, and mocktails.
  • Innovative mixes: Get creative with a rhubarb-infused Tom Collins or Moscow Mule, showcasing its versatility in both classic and modern concoctions.

Refreshingly tart


Le Fruit de MONIN Rhubarb is all about adding that perfect balance of tart and sweet, making any drink an instant classic. Whether you’re looking to recreate the taste of a summer's day in the countryside or simply want to add some tart sophistication to your beverage menu, this syrup is your go-to.