Monin Vaniljesirup PET 100CL

Monin Vaniljesirup PET 100CL

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Crafted from the finest pure vanilla extract sourced from Madagascar, Monin Vanilla syrup is a testament to exquisite, premium flavor. Renowned as one of the top three coffee flavors, this classic ingredient, derived from orchids, brings a touch of sophistication to baking and desserts with its pure and delicate taste.


Embrace the versatility of Monin Vanilla syrup – a culinary companion that elevates almost any beverage creation. From mouth-watering coffees and comforting hot chocolates to indulgent dessert drinks and cocktails, this syrup is your key to unlocking a world of delightful possibilities.

With Monin Vanilla syrup, transform your ordinary drinks into extraordinary experiences. Let the pure essence of Madagascar vanilla enhance your senses and elevate every sip with a touch of timeless elegance.