Monin Lychee Purée 100 cl

Monin Lychee Purée 100 cl

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Exotic sweetness in a bottle


Le Fruit de MONIN Lychee brings the delicate and sweet flavors of Asia to your beverage creations. This syrup captures the essence of the lychee with its sweet and subtly floral taste, complemented by a hint of citrus that makes it uniquely alluring.


Versatile flavour profile:


  • Authentic Lychee taste: Infuse your drinks with the true flavor of lychee, perfect for an exotic twist on classic recipes.
  • Inspire your mixology: Elevate your cocktail game, whether you're crafting a Lychee Martini or inventing something new.
  • Refreshing beverage enhancer: A splash of this syrup turns lemonades and sodas into refreshing, flavoured delights.
  • Tea and smoothie companion: Add a lychee twist to teas, flavoured milks, and smoothies for a unique taste experience.
  • Culinary creativity: Don't stop at drinks; explore lychee's potential in culinary applications to add a special touch to your dishes.


Broaden Your Palate


Le Fruit de MONIN Lychee is an invitation to experiment with flavours, giving a sweet and floral note that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Simply Mix and Enjoy


With Le Fruit de MONIN Lychee, the perfect drink is only a pour away. No complex preparation required—just simple, sweet perfection.