Green Banana Syrup 70 cl

Green Banana Syrup 70 cl

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Delivering the green flavour of an unripe banana, MONIN Green Banana makes the ideal ‘Banana Daiquiri’.

Always harvested unripe, green bananas are then transported to shops and markets, where they gradually ripen and yellow. As a banana ripens, its flavour changes from firm and starchy with the green note of a kiwifruit to the sweet, rich, soft ripe banana taste.

Originally from Malaysia, the banana plant is not a tree but, in fact, the world’s largest herb. Plantations exist throughout the world with bananas produced in India, China, Africa, Indonesia and the Caribbean. Bananas grow in ‘hands’ or bunches of five to twenty fingers - ‘banan’ is the Arabic word for finger.

The vibrant clear green colour and green unripe banana flavour of Green Banana will enhance cocktails, fruit punches, milkshakes, smoothies and beers.