Monin Butterscotch Syrup 70 cl
Monin Butterscotch Syrup 70 cl

Monin Butterscotch Syrup 70 cl

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A nostalgic taste of tradition

MONIN Butterscotch syrup captures the essence of the classic confectionery with its rich, sweet, and buttery flavour. Originally developed to meet the demands in Australia, this syrup has become a favourite globally, appealing to those who cherish the taste of traditional sweet treats.


Delightful dessert versatility


This syrup's primary blend of butter and brown sugar, often accompanied by hints of cream, sugar, salt, and vanilla, makes it a versatile addition to any dessert. Whether drizzled over a dreamy ice cream sundae or used to enhance hot and cold dessert drinks, MONIN Butterscotch syrup brings a touch of indulgence to any dish.


Rich historical roots


The name "butterscotch" comes from the traditional method of 'scotching' or cutting the confection into squares before it hardens. With its origins dating back to 1817 in Doncaster, UK, MONIN Butterscotch syrup is steeped in history. Once known as "Royal Doncaster Butterscotch" or "The Queen's Sweetmeat," it was a favoured treat within the Royal household.


Perfect for creative mixology


Beyond desserts, this syrup is an excellent choice for creative bartenders and baristas looking to add a unique twist to their beverage creations. Its robust flavour pairs wonderfully with a variety of spirits and coffee, making it a staple in crafting innovative cocktails and specialty coffees.

Enjoy the unforgettable flavour of MONIN Butterscotch syrup, a delightful addition to your culinary and mixology repertoire, bringing a taste of history and tradition to your table.